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EiBrot is a time-based and documentary concept art project by Manfred Heinze
(EiBrot is a term for a slice of bread with eggs in several styles on it) 

Manfred Heinze, Duisburg 1960

The group of works »EiBrot« by Manfred Heinze can be classified in art history as part of time-based and documentary concept art projects. The series basically began in 1960, but without having been documented for the first 50 years. 

Inspired by his daughter, it was initially only a very fragmentary collection of photographs of EiBrots and was supplemented by images of friends and other authors who heard about the project. Since about 2019, Manfred Heinze sometimes daily has been documenting all the EiBrots that he prepares for himself or that are prepared for him in restaurants. And since 2017 Manfred Heinze is also a member of the Dull Men's Club with his EiBrot project.

As with other time-based works of art, this unusual project includes all aspects of processual art. This documentation is individual, but in the repetition arrested. Its photographic preservation shows us, via the individual allocation and the date the time itself and the course of time as a whole. Manfred Heinze thus makes sure of his own age and his own experience of time, his own perception of time.

Even if the first 50 years of EiBrot are only anchored in Manfred Heinze's memory for himself, the excerpt-like presentations of the project, with the knowledge of the complete period of his life, also convey a picture of how time passes. And since at least the photo data and the presentation on the Instagram platform (see below) also records the place where the photo and food were taken, EiBrot can also be described as an effort to transform the duration of time and space into art.

EiBrot - 2011-08-15-C

Dr. phil. Andreas Brenne, Professor of Art and Art Education at the University of Osnabrück writes: "For EiBrots are such that they have long since deserved to be elevated to the sphere of art. It is actually a miracle that they were not discovered much earlier."
(Hans Ernst, Berlin 2019) 

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EiBrot on the radio at WDR 5 (German radio station)

EiBrot on TV NDR HALLO NIEDERSACHSEN (German news show)

a little selection of of EiBrot photos as published at Instagram